Elite Home Workout TPE Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

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The Elite Home Workout TPE Eco Yoga Mat is a textured, eco friendly, firm density foam yoga mat measuring 173cm by 61cm with a 6-8mm thickness (allowing for manufacturing tolerances), complete with mesh carry bag. Available to buy online for home delivery

The Elite Home Workout TPE Eco Yoga mat is a soft, comfortable yoga mat made from 6-8mm thick TPE foam, and is textured for additional comfort and is resistant to sweat. It measures approximately 61cm wide and 173cm long to enable you to fit your whole body on it. This mat is designed for Yoga, Pilates, Recovery stretching or Boot camp workouts that require extra cushioning. It's thick enough to provide comfort during your tough workouts, but firm enough to provide a stable platform. When you're ready to pack up after your exercises and stretches, the Yoga Mat can be rolled up and placed inside the supplied mesh carry bag making it very easy to transport.

Getting the most out of training is not simply a matter of depleting the body as much as possible, however it is about cultivating growth through effective recovery. After rigorous exercise sore spots will develop with tightness in the muscles. Post exercise stretching is very important to help to prevent this.