Elite Home Workout Bootcamp Battle Rope 50mm x 12m


The Elite Home Workout Bootcamp Battle Rope is an incredibly versatile piece of training equipment, and measures 12m by 38mm diameter. Available online for home delivery

38mm ropes are aimed at giving you a mega cardio blast. Also available are our 50mm ropes, aimed at strength and endurance. Our ropes have RED highlights on the black ropes. 

Battle ropes are becoming increasingly popular and are common place in most commercial gyms now, made popular by crossfit and bootcamp training facilities. They are also now used by many personal trainers, as they are easily transportable and are suitable to be used by novices and serious athletes alike. The Elite Home Workout Bootcamp Battle Rope is 12m (approx 40ft) long with a 38mm rope diameter. This is the most common length and diameter as used in commercial settings, and comes with rubberised grips on each end for added comfort.

Battle rope training is an excellent tool in metabolic resistance training (MRT), targeting your arms, shoulders and core, as well as glutes. Used in high intensity, these help your body to burn fat fast, while developing strong lean muscle. They are incredibly versatile and can easily be transported, or packed away if using them in your home / garden / outdoor setting. Being a method of low impact training, the battle rope can also help those recovering from injury to train hard, without heavy impact movements.