Elite Home Workout 2 x 25KG Premium Olympic Bumper Plates

2 x 25KG Premium commercial grade Olympic bumper weight plates for use with two inch diameter Olympic bars.


  • Premium quality solid virgin (non-recycled) rubber

  • Designed to the IWF standard 450mm diameter

  • 2" steel lined hole for enhanced durability

  • Suitable for home and indoor commercial use

  • 2 x 25KG bumper plates, 50KG total

The Elite Home Workout solid rubber Olympic bumper plate weight disc plates are premium quality plates designed for use on Olympic style bars with a 2 inch (50mm) diameter. These plates feature a precision machined sleeve to ensure structural strength and to improve adding or removing weight to bars quickly. These premium bumper plates are great for home gyms, public gyms, bootcamps and crossfit studios. These weight plates are calibrated to +/- 2% accuracy.

Weight lifting helps you to build muscle and tone your arms and upper body as well as glutes and calves, depending on your exercises. Barbells and Olympic bars are a highly effective way to get fit and toned without leaving the house, and can be used on their own or on stands for chest press, assisted squats etc. Whether you are working your biceps and triceps with curls and extensions, or adding resistance to lunges and squats you will begin to see the difference in tone and strength. There are many different workouts that you can do to work specific different muscle groups. You can search on our blog for advice and guidance on these.

  • Ideal for both beginners and more advanced weightlifters for home use

  • 2 x 25KG Olympic bar weight plates, total weight 50KG

  • Suitable for the Elite Home Workout Olympic bars and other two inch diameter Olympic bars

  • Product dimensions are approximately 45cm in diameter

  • Also available in 5KG and 10KG weights


  • 2 x 25KG Olympic premium weight plates, total weight 50KG

  • The weight plates feature a 2 inch diameter hole and are made from premium virgin rubber and precision steel

  • Product plate dimensions are approximately 45cm in diameter and 8.5cm wide

  • Total weight 50KG

  • 12 month warranty

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