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PREORDER - December Delivery - Elite Home Workout Pro 7ft 20kg Olympic Barbell


PREORDER - This is a preorder item. Our stock is currently en route to the UK, and is due to arrive in December. At present we envisage orders will be shipped out the week commencing 14th December. Due to weight limitations, not all orders will be shipped at once, so there may be some delay after arrival for all orders to be fulfilled. Due to the time constraints, we do not guarantee delivery before Christmas, but will do all we can to make this happen. 

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The Elite Home Workout Pro 20kg Olympic Barbell is our ultimate Olympic Bar, ideal for both powerlifting & olympic lifts. A truly stunning piece of precision equipment, the bar is SGS rated to 680KG (1500lbs) and features brass bushings and 4 needle bearings for a consistent and predictable spin. Finished in hard chrome, with ergonomic knurling on the shaft. 

  • 20kg Mens Barbell
  • Alloy Steel Construction
  • 2200mm length
  • 28mm Shaft Diameter
  • 50mm Sleeve Diameter
  • Hard Chrome Finish
  • 1500lbs/680kg weight capactiy
  • 4 Needle Bearings 
  • 2 Brass Bushings 


Weight lifting helps you to build muscle and tone your arms and upper body as well as glutes and calves, depending on your exercises. Barbells and Olympic bars are a highly effective way to get fit and toned without leaving the house, and can be used on their own or on stands for chest press, assisted squats etc. Whether you are working your biceps and triceps with curls and extensions, or adding resistance to lunges and squats you will begin to see the difference in tone and strength. They are also used for deadlifts, which are one of the most common and effective forms of weight lifting. There are many different workouts that you can do to work specific different muscle groups. You can search on our blog for advice and guidance on these