Elite Home Workout P3-2 Pro Suspension Trainer

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The Elite Home Workout P3-2 Suspension Trainer is a great value piece of home exercise equipment for full body workouts using just your body weight for resistance and available with FREE Shipping and 3 Day home delivery

The P3 Pro Home Suspension Trainer kit from Elite Home Workout features a Carabiner, neutraliser loop, locking attachment loop, easy adjustment, foot Cradles and ergonomic foam handles in order for you to work out at home, at the gym or even on the go.

The high performance P3 Pro also enables you to do your work out indoors and outdoors thanks to its Door and Suspension Anchor. The P3 Pro also comes with a handy mesh tie bag for easy transportation. The P3 Pro Suspension Trainer kit weighs under 2KG in total, so taking on trips, or out with you on a run to use outdoors, is very easy.

Set up takes seconds, and a full body workout can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. The versatility of suspension trainers is unmatched by any other piece of home gym equipment.

Suspension trainers are an excellent way to train chest and back, arms and shoulders, legs and hips, and core in the comfort of your home. The suspension trainer was originally invented by a US Navy Seal as a way to train elite troops on the move, using their body weight as resistance.

Suspension trainers are now used worldwide by gyms, bootcamps, crossfit studios and by people working out at home.

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