October 12, 2020 2 min read

Adding Battle Ropes to your Workout

Fitness has changed a lot over the years, in fact it’s come a very long way. Now more than ever, we have more knowledge and insight into the human body and corrective exercise. We also have social media to thank for new routines, equipment and let’s face it inspiration. One piece of equipment that has successfully extended its reach is the battle rope.

Here at Elite Home Workout, we have just added battle ropes to our range of exercise equipment and here’s why. It’s aimed to give you a mega cardio blast. Battle rope training is an excellent tool in metabolic resistance training as it targets your arms, shoulders, core as well as glutei. They are incredibly versatile and easier to transport than you imagine! Here’s how to incorporate them into your next workout. Our ropes are 12m in length, and come in 38mm diameter for (best for cardio - weighted at 13kg) and 50mm diameter (best for strength - weighted at 20kg)

Battle Rope Squats

 Start by holding each end of the rope and lift the rope off the ground by pulling the hands to the chest. As you hold this position and keep the rope off the ground, begin to squat. This isometric row will improve you strength and stability. Remember your rope should never touch the floor during this exercise!

 Battle Rope Plank Pulls

 Wind the battle rope once around a stationary post. Make sure the majority of the rope is laying in a pule by the post not lengthened out. From a plank position, take one hand and grasp the short end of the battle rope and then pull the rope towards your hip. Focus on keep your back straight as you pull into the opposing pile.

 Jumping Jacks

 What cardio workout is complete without jumping jacks? They’re a staple for a reason! Start by holding each end of the battle rope and then begin a jumping jack. A lateral swing will begin moving up and down, which will work the whole body.

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