February 04, 2021 2 min read

No Gym 2021 - Why Your Home Workouts Are Better 

Another lockdown means another few months with no gym. But instead of focusing on how frustrating it is, instead, we’ve made a list of the things you aren’t going to miss. So here’s our list of reasons why home workouts are better than gym ones.

No Unsolicited Advice From Gym Strangers

There is nothing worse than having someone you’ve never met decide they just have to give you some advice. Something about the gym makes a particular type of person feel like they must share their expertise with anyone they can corner. Thankfully there’s none of that at home.

No Stranger’s Sweat

There is nothing more annoying than coming to a machine and spotting that unwelcome glisten of someone else’s sweat, except, maybe putting your hand on something damp in a gym. At least when you work out at home, any surprise sweat will be your own.

No Unplanned Changes To Your Routine

Don’t you just hate when you can’t get on the machine you need? It’s always right at the end of your workout when a group of chatting teens moves onto the equipment you need. There’s no point waiting because they’ll be there forever taking turns to do 2 or 3 reps each and posing for selfies. At home, you’ll be able to do the workout you planned with no emergency alterations. 

No Cringing At Poor Form 

Watching someone else lift or exercise with poor form is painful. At home, you know you won’t have to watch those taking on more than they can manage, no wincing at those who round their back when squatting, or people doing planks with their hips and bums in the air.

No Worrying About Your Gym Outfit

When you head out to the gym picking the right outfit can be a challenge. You want something comfortable, but you also what to look good. Also, you don’t want to wear what you did last time, especially if you haven’t done the laundry yet! At home, you can wear whatever works for you with no judgement.

No Low-Pressure Showers

You might be lucky and go to a gym that actually has quality showers. But most of us have the choice of taking a lousy shower at the gym or driving home in sweaty, rapidly cooling clothes. At home, you can have a decent shower with no hassle at all - perfect.

Looking To Improve Your Home Workouts?

Elite Home Workout offers a wide range of home gym equipment, giving you the perfect workout experience at the comfort of your own home. Shop our fitness equipment today.


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