Who are we at Elite Home Work Out?

We’re passionate about fitness and living a healthy life. We want everybody to feel they can be fit and healthy without an expensive gym membership, or costly diet plan. The truth is that many people sign up to a gym membership, then park as close to the door as possible,  and have a good chat for longer than they have a meaningful work out. Coupled with no diet change, they do not see the results they expect.

We offer a full range of premium quality yet affordable home workout equipment that WILL help you to reach your goals when you use them in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet. We provide full workouts for all of our equipment, and show you how easy it is to fit a 15 -30 minute workout into your day if you check out our blog. Most people take longer to get to the gym than it will take you to get your heart rate going, increase your metabolic rate and start burning fat and building muscle in your own home. Our blog will walk you through simple changes to your normal diet, educate you in nutrition, free of charge. We’re here to help make a better you.

The recipe for a fit, healthy and strong body

Strength Training 50%
Metabolic Training 30%
Cardio 20%
Result? 100%

What is strength training and what are the benefits? 

Strength training has incredible benefits when executed correctly. These go way beyond muscle growth. Strength training is proven to be one of the fastest and most efficient methods of burning calories, leading to sustained weight loss. This is in part through changing your body’s own metabolic rate, and as muscle is an active tissue, it burns more calories when at rest than fat too. 

Strength training can also boost your cognitive function and improve concentration. This can in part be through challenging your neuromuscular systems to be efficient when training with challenging loads. 

  • Boost metabolism and fat loss

    Regular strength training is proven to speed up metabolism and help your body to burn calories more quickly

  • Improves strength and endurance

    As your muscles grow stronger, you will use less of their capacity for exercises, allowing you to workout longer

  • Increase your physical and mental confidence

    Strength training will make a visible difference to your body shape in a relatively short amount of time which can boost personal confidence levels

What is metabolic resistance training and what are the benefits?

Metabolic resistance training (MRT) is a style of training where the aim is to maximize calories burned while also increasing your body’s metabolic rate. Circuit training is a popular style of MRT as it mixes many different exercises in short sharp blasts that keep your heart rate in the optimum position for burning fat.

MRT aims to also increase your metabolic rate post work out, so the results are not just from the work you have done during the workout. 

  • Boost metabolism, even after your workout

    Metabolic resistance training (MRT) continues to give results even after you stop working out by boosting your metabolism (the rate your body burns calories at rest).

  • Builds muscle 

    Muscles burn most of the calories you eat, and MRT builds muscle as you exercise, making it a great way to lose weight and get in shape

  • Reduces resting heart rate 

    By making your heart work hard and in the optimal range during HRT, this can lead to improved heart function and a lower resting heart rate 

What are the benefits of cardio training and how can it help me lose weight?

Cardio training can provide several benefits. Cardio helps increase the strength of your heart and lungs. Cardio can help you improve your endurance during workouts as well. However the main reason people do cardio is to burn calories to help them lose weight. When most people think of cardio exercise they think of going for a run, a swim or a cycle. However, there are many other forms as you can read about on our blog which help people towards their goals of a leaner, fitter body.

  • Find a cardiovascular exercise you enjoy

    You can run, swim, cycle, row, even walk. They all burn calories. The important thing is to find an exercise that you enjoys and that fits into your lifestyle so you do not  see it as chore.

  • CV as part of a balanced workout plan

    Cardiovascular exercise should form part of a balanced exercise plan incorporating other types of exercise incorporating MRT and strength training. If you simply love running, try interval training to boost your heart rate to increase metabolism.

  • Push your limits

    Your body is adaptable, capable and was made to move. The more you move, the more calories you burn and the more fat you burn leading to weight loss. 

What are the benefits of a healthy diet and good nutrition?

“You cannot out-exercise a bad diet”. This is a common phrase and is very true unless you work out an exceptional amount, and certainly more than most people have the time and willingness to do. Simply put, to lose weight, your body must burn more calories than it intakes through food and drink. This is why diet and nutrition is so important to reach your health goals and to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle

  • Reduce your carbohydrates

    Carbs are important and your body needs them, but not all carbs are equal and the body breaks them down into glucose differently. If your body is low on glucose then it will convert stored fat into energy instead. 

  • Increase your protein intake

    When it comes to fat loss, protein is one of the best nutrients for your body. It can reduce hunger and boost metabolism. But remember, your body still needs to burn more than you are eating.

  • Take advice and listen, but make your own decision

    There are many diets, everyone has an opinion on them too.  Simply put, if you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight. The more strict the diet though, the more health risks are usually involved and the harder they are to stick to, so we simply recommend a healthy balanced diet and you can read more articles about diet and nutrition on our blog

Why buy from Elite Home Workout?

  • We care. All staff at Elite Home Workout are passionate about fitness, well being, and self improvement, and understand how to help others achieve this
  • High quality equipment made exclusively for EHW at affordable pricing to help improve your shape and help you reach your goals without expensive gym memberships
  • A secure online shopping experience with peace of mind checking out via paypal cart where you can use credit / debit card or your paypal account
  • Free guides, workout plans and nutrition information on our blog and via our newsletters
  • 12 months warranty on EVERYTHING we sell, giving you peace of mind that if in the unlikely event of something going wrong, we will replace it free of charge*
  • 30 Day money back guarantee, so if you change your mind, just send us your purchase back unused and we will give you a full refund on the product

We offer great value exercise and workout equipment that you can use anywhere, along with free workouts, nutrition advice and experts on hand to answer your questions. We care about your goals and helping you reach them. We offer the equipment and want to empower you with the knowledge to help you reach them quickly.